What Causes Mood Changes?

Published: 07th March 2007
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What are mood swings and irritability? mood swings and irritability occur when a person's mood changes rapidly. For instance, they may be very happy one minute and very depressed the next. This reaction can occur due to someone receiving sad news or be due to something tragic happening. In these instances it is normal for you to go through a strong mood swing. In fact, it wouldn't be normal if you didn't. It's when a person experiences extreme mood swings and irritability and they have no apparent reason for the change that it is a problem, especially if it happens often. These types of mood swings and irritability are due to some type of medical condition.

There are several causes of mood swings and irritability. The single most talked about mood swing in women is premenstrual syndrome. It seems as though every time a women is having a bad day or is simply angry for some reason others tend to think it is due to premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Premenstrual syndrome can change a women's mood because it causes a change in their hormones. Other conditions that affect women in this way are menopause and pre-menopause. Anyone who has severe mood swings and irritability can find it difficult to have a normal life. It can cause some overwhelming problems in the work place and even at home.

Some mood swings and irritability are not very serious and will eventually go away. This would include puberty. When a pre-teen is going through puberty their hormones are going wild. This can cause some pretty intense mood swings and irritability. Some pre-teens will be more prone to these changes than others, but all of them will subside once this change has taken place. Unfortunately, some conditions can be more serious. For example, bipolar is a mental illness that greatly affects a person's mood swing. Without treatment a person with this condition may not be able to live a normal life, they certainly will encounter many problems.

Mood swings are also linked with ADHD and other hyperactive disorders. This is because being hyperactive can cause your emotions to sometimes run wild. mood swings and irritability are sometimes a very natural thing that everyone experiences at different times in their life. If you only go through them once in awhile then you shouldn't worry. However, if you begin to go through extreme mood swings and irritability and have no idea why, then you should visit your doctor to see if there is a medical condition that is causing you to go through these problems. Severe mood swings and irritability can damage relationships and cause friendships to be lost, don't let this happen to you if you are having problems.

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