Things You Should Know About Your DMV Road Test

Published: 22nd January 2008
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As most everyone knows before you drive a vehicle you must take and pass a DMV road test. A DMV road test is necessary to make sure the person seeking a drivers license understands the rules that apply when driving before they are allowed on the roads. It is always a good idea to practice the things that will be on the test in advance because you want to pass it the first time. Below are some of the different things that you will be graded on when you take the DMV road test so you can be completely prepared when you go.

The DMV road test is administered by an examiner that will get in the vehicle with you and go for a ride. They will tell you where to go and what they want you to do and they will be grading you on your overall performance as you go along. The first thing they will take note of is how you start off. For example, do you look in the mirrors before you pull out into traffic? Did you use your signal light at this time? They will grade you on how familiar you are with the vehicle. This will include making sure you know everything about the gears, brakes, signals and so forth.

The examiner will be making sure that you can use the basic features of the vehicle smoothly while driving. This includes things like turning on your lights, using your signals or windshield wipers when you need them. You will need to be able to smoothly take off and not jerk your passengers around. Slamming on the brakes should always be avoided as you will lose points for this. You need to apply the brakes slowly and come to a smooth stop at all times. You should always use the proper hand positioning when steering and making your turns or points will be taken off for this as well.

You will also be graded on how well you can merge in and out of traffic and if you follow the speed limits correctly. They will see how well you judge distances and obey traffic signs. You will be required to know how to back your vehicle and how to parallel park and do regular parking. Another important thing the examiner will be looking for is how you interact with other drivers. It is important that you are courteous at all times. When the test is over they will add up your score and let you know whether or not you passed your DMV road test. This test is just another way to help make the highways a safer place for all drivers.

Being fully prepared for your drivers license test will help to ensure that you pass the first time around. Get useful tips for your driving road test by visiting, and be ready for your big day!

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